Keyboard Shortcuts

I inserted both Mac and Windows commands. Mac is listed before / and Windows is listed afterwards. Most are Apple or Ctrl key, but others have other keys in addition to them and some are completely different (i.e. Force Quit in both and Spelling/Grammar in Windows). Hopefully this will help.

Copy Highlight and Command / Ctrl C
Cut Highlight and Command / Ctrl X
Paste Command / Ctrl V
Print Command / Ctrl P
Force Quit Option-Apple-Esc / Ctrl-Alt-Delete
Save Command / Ctrl S
Open Command / Ctrl O
Bold/Unbold Highlight and Command / Ctrl B
Italics/Unitalicize Highlight and Command / Ctrl I
Underline/Ununderline Highlight and Command / Ctrl U
New Page/Document/PowerPoint Presentation/Excel Workbook/etc. Command / Ctrl N
New Tab in Web browser Command / Ctrl T
Close Page/Document/PowerPoint Presentation/Excel Workbook/etc. Command / Ctrl W
Undo Command / Ctrl Z
Redo Command / Ctrl Y
Select All Command / Ctrl A
Find Command / Ctrl F
Go To Command / Ctrl G
Font format Command / Ctrl D
Paragraph format Option Command / Ctrl M
Spelling/Grammar Option Command L / F7
Thesaurus Option Command R / Shift F7
Minimize Window Command M / Win Key M
Hide Program Command H / not sure for Windows
Screen Shot Shift-Command-3 / Alt-Print Screen
Close Window/Folder Upon opening program/document (Mac only) Option-Double Click
Insert Hyperlink Command / Ctrl K

Go to next editable field/cell Tab
Go to previous editable field/cell Shift Tab