Here is an example of what I will be looking for. You need to add at least one picture of your innovator/inventor. If more than one person is assigned to a particular innovator/inventor, then each person assigned to that innovator/inventor has to add a picture.

Mr. Hanson

Mr. Hanson was born February 29, 1964. He has four sisters and one late brother.

He went to St. Thomas Academy for high school. He later went to the University of Minnesota Duluth for college and received a B.A.S. in Elementary and Middle School Education. Mr. Hanson also went to St. Joseph's University for graduate school and received an M.S. in Instructional Technology.

He is best known for his induction into White Castle's Hall of Fame and as the International Thumb Wrestling Association's heavyweight champion and commissioner of the ITWA.

He is now married and has a son. He works at The Vanguard School and teaches computers and keyboarding classes to middle school and high school students.
Mr. Hanson in a technology class.